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Question about DJI Care Refresh 2 years for Mini 3 Pro?
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Hi everyone,

I got my Mini 3 bundle from yesterday, activated yesterday as well. I'm looking to buy the DJI Care Refresh and DJI Store only have option for 1 year, meanwhile has 2 years plan (displayed in DJI's Amazon page, Ship and sold by
I chatted with Amazon's support and they said the 2 years plan is a physical order and it will still be activate and calculate from the date it's delivered to me (7 days to ship, very weird)
Can anyone has bought the plan from Amazon or any DJI's staff help me clarify if Amazon's listing is actually legit?
If DJI only allows 48hrs to buy the plan, how would I activate the plan if it arrives next week then?

Thank you in advance!

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DJI Susan


Hi there, Amazon can sell DJI Care Refresh physical card to you indeed, you will need to activate DJI Care Refresh for your drone with the activation code in the card.

However, by the time you receive the card, as you mentioned it will be 7 days later, you will not be able to activate DJI Care Refresh for the drone directly, as the drone has been activated for over 48 hours. If the drone is working well at that time, you can send us a verification video to get permission to activate it, please check here for the procedure. Kindly note that if the drone is unfortunately broken at that time, you may not be able to bind DJI Care Refresh for the drone.

Or, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh for your drone in DJI Store at ... year-dji-mini-3-pro
Hope this is informative for you.
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