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Motor Protected. Press Triger twice to resume...
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I just set up my DJI OM 4 SE with an Iphone 12 Mini. I keep getting the message "Motor protected. Press Trigger twice to resume". I click the trigger twice then after 30 seconds it goes back to this message. What am I doing wrong?
10-23 13:48
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DJI Diana
Flight distance : 2408 ft


Sorry to hear about having issues. Please try the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Power off and leave  Osmo Mobile 3/DJI OM 4 series/DJI OM 5 idle until the three motors are brought to room temperature.

2. Attach a phone to the magnetic phone clamp, and check whether the gimbal can be balanced.

* Hold the tilt axis motor with the right hand (to stop the tilt axis from rotating), and rotate the phone to Landscape mode with the left hand. Check whether the gimbal can be balanced roughly. If it is noticeably unbalanced, it is recommended to level it before use.

3. When the unit is powered off, check if any of the three axes feels or gets obstructed. (Note: Compared to the tilt axis and pan axis, the roll axis feels different when rotated, as its rotary damper is larger.)

4. Also, make sure your firmware is running the latest version.

5. Lastly, kindly calibrate your gimbal. If the issue persists after calibration, please contact our Product Support team to further assist you in creating/arrange a case with your unit and send it back for testing. Thank you for your patience.
10-23 15:10
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