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Crashed DJI Fpv drone
261 1 10-25 02:31
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Hello I crashed my dji fpv drone some time ago. I had aaroun 40 acro flights and one day my screen went black while the drone was close to me, is started rth (as i saw after the fact) but on a totally wrong height, and crashed in a tree 30m away from me, the whole time no maybe it was pilot error maybe the warranty will cover it, maybe it wont.

But after the incident, I wound up in hospital for almost a year...I have a lung condition...not good. But I try to enjoy a day aat a time. I always wanted the dji digital system but couldnt afford wife bought me the drone for my birthday, probably expecting it was my last. She left me a couple of months later

FPV is the only thing that occupies my mind enough for me to actually enjoy it. I owned a Nazgul, a used one, and I had the googles. Everybody speaks bad of the dji fov drone. It gave me the courage to learn acro and the courage to practice...

So in my eyes it is the best fpv product on the market. Like evrybody wants Roger Fedderers tennis requet. I play tennis really good. Really good. I couldnt return the ball, and my best move is serve return. Unbeeatable. But not with this pro customized raquet. Its the same here. Everybody wants Steeles drone but they dont realize they dont have the skillset.

So without droning on (wink), I read about dji repair not reallyy vosting an arma and aleg, I am out of the hospital, I financially recovered from my divorce and I decided to send my drone in to DJi to reapair.

And a reminder to everyone ; time is something that you dont control. Tomorrow is promised to noone. I know this better then others. Enjoy the small things. The repair eill maybe not be under warranty and cost me like a 100bucks. A month ago I couldnt afford to even send it. But is that money worth the enjoyment I get evey day out of it? No.

And a question for the moderators....could you please forward this to whoever is reaponsible to tell me where to send it. I am in Zagreb, Croatia. I have a google drive folder with all the data you guys need, the warranty, drone, the srone wont take off because of sensor something, the motors work, the camera works, controller, i dont think its a huge all I need is a contact and an adress

And thanks to DJI for giving FPV to the world
10-25 02:31
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. Our sincere apologies for the incident that happened to your unit.  You can contact our support team to start up a ticket at . Also, the warranty can be applied depending on the outcome of the damage assessment including the warranty period of your unit. Thank you for your kind and understanding.
10-25 02:52
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