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Avata sucks indoor!
182 0 10-28 07:13
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Flight distance : 2866512 ft
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Indoor I do not fly in manual mode but in “N” and “S” the avatar fucks  up my flight speed by alternately losing gps signal and reconnecting  when finding gps signal again. Can I fly in “Atti” or what can I do so  the avata doesn't find a satellite? (Like blocking the gps with a small  metal plate or so?)

The downwords sensors push my drone up when I fly low over a higher  located object and also makes it impossible to fly low to the ground.  Can the sensors be turned off?

I know manual does this but I want to keep flying indoor in horizon leveling.

What’s the use of a small cinewhoop if mentioned problemen can not be solved and you are not able to fly in low proximity?

10-28 07:13
Use props
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