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FW 1.1.8 & DJI GO App
760 0 2015-8-12
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Hi all,

I've been flying my P3A on f/w 1.1.8 using DJI Pilot 1.2 (iPad Mini2) since I've had it with absolutely no problems other than a wonky horizon...

Unfortunately I plugged my iPad in to charge last night while my iMac was turned on - and all my iPad apps sync'd/updated in the background. DJI Pilot has been replaced by DJI GO.


Anyone tried f/w 1.1.8 with the DJI GO app?

Is there anyway (and I probably know the answer to this!) I can roll the iPad back to DJI Pilot? I've got a feeling if you restore from a previous backup it just replaces settings/data and not the actual apps themselves...

Thanks in advance!
Use props
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