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Beginner's question
167 3 10-29 05:46
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I’ve got a couple beginner’s questions on dji fpv .
Does anyone have an idea why on the dji virtual flight the drone would automatically and continually go backwards when it’s on manual mode?All good on other modes.Also question about the video quality…we got samsung evo+ sd card (all parameters have to fit) but the videos are choppy, tried opening in multiple devices and apps and it’s just not smooth or consistent…the weirdest thing is that it shows the same video differently each time (like it can play it smooth but then you put it on again or rewind (same device&program) and suddenly it’s choppy…
Did anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions how to solve it?
Thanks in advance for the answers!
10-29 05:46
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Regarding to your first question about the drone continually goes backwards .. Make sure you calibrate the sticks in the controller option . and if not .. try to increase the camera incline maybe you are below zero . try 30 or more
10-29 05:53
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Hi, BillEd35.  Thank you for reaching out. May we ask if it is happening while recording a virtual flight or an actual flight? What specific card Samsung card do you have? Here are the recommended Samsung Micro SD Cards for FPV.
Samsung EVO U3 (Yellow) 64GB microSDXC
Samsung EVO Plus U3 (Red) 64GB microSDXC
Samsung EVO Plus U3 256GB microSDXC

For the Virtual Flight Issue, please refer to MAF178 reply above. To add, make sure also that the app and firmware of the devices are up to date. You may go here to download the updates: Keep us posted. Thank you
10-29 07:56
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Hi, your quad is most likely moving backwards because you're pulling on the elevator stick. In the M mode the quad will not self level when you let go of the stick. You need to actively push it to the desired position and then release the stick. The spring will center it on the remote and the drone will stop moving. This applies to all sticks except for the throttle. You need to adjust it accordingly to the flight engle, otherwise the quad will los altitude. The jerky playback is most likely caused by the hardware. Copy the files to your computer first and test play the video. Installing the right codecs will also help. If the SD card was not right the drone will complain while trying to write data onto it. If you don't get any errors in the goggles - the problem is not with your sd card. (most likely)
11-8 12:09
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