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Transmission Combo & RS3
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I have the Transmission Combo and updated the firmware on the High Bright Monitor and the Transmission but I have been unable to get the setup to control the RS3 Pro using the gryro or the 4D grips attached to the monitor. The monitor knows the grips are attached via the icons in the upper left.

The settings drawer shows focus/zoom control in the dropdown when I set the option but when I leave the settings drawer and come back in the focus/zoom setting shows for a second and is then replaced w/ the -- option.

Also, the monitor no longer shows up in the Assistant 2 (Ronin Series) program.
When I connect it to the computer the program does not recognize it. I thought maybe with the grips attached, there might be a firmware update for the grips.
Either way with them, attached or not, the monitor is not recognized by the program.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks
10-30 04:57
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You might be better off posting in the products section of this forum. That is way more active!
10-30 23:58
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DJI Wanda

Hello, there. Would you please tell us the firmware version of each unit?
Also, the version of the DJI Assistant 2, the operating version of your computer system.
Please reinstall the DJI Assistant 2 and change to another data cable to have a try.
Here is the link:
10-31 23:50
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Dan M
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I have been having the same problem, although I can get the Assistant 2 software to recognize the transmitter and monitor by starting them before launching the Assistant 2 app.  The rest of what you are describing is identical to what I see here, even after replacing the entire Transmission Combo as well as the RS3 Pro.  Everything (including cables) is 100% replaced. The only original thing left is the camera (Sony A7S3). As of now, DJI wants me to send in the LEMO cable (between the transmitter and gimbal) so they can evaluate it.  That makes no sense since I am having the same problem on a completely new cable that came with the replacement Transmission Combo.  I'm a day or two away from returning it all in complete disgust.
11-16 14:16
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