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Focus wheel blinking red
102 1 11-14 02:25
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Gaetan Leplus


I  have a problem with my ronin sc and the follow focus wheel combined  with the motor. First of all I use the official cable connected in the  right way. However, the light of the wheel blinks red when I turn it on  normally, but double blinks when I turn it on while pressing the button  of the wheel.
I can't find any solution that works for me on the forum, I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance.
11-14 02:25
Use props
DJI Natalia


Hi, there. Thanks for your feedback. Please check the following details and keep us updated:
1. Please install the Focus Wheel on the other side of the gimbal then have a try;
2. Please re-plug the Ronin-SC RSS Splitter cable, then restart the gimbal to have a try. If there is a spare cable, please replace it and try again.
3. Please install the camera, and set the camera correctly according to the compatibility list, then check if the camera can be controlled normally.
4. Please confirm whether the status of the Focus Motor indicator is normal again (green light indicates normal status).
Thank you.
11-14 23:26
Use props
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