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DJI MIC Timecode settings
137 1 11-19 07:20
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Okay - Love my DJI Mics.
Still fairly a NOOB when it comes to Audio capture in general - and love how much the Mics have upped my game.

Has anyone found a work around for TIMECODE syncing their mics in post (i.e. Premiere Pro) vs doing an audio match up?

There has been times when I'm using a 2 camera set up and I have the Mic on my subject (auto record setting), then a camera across the room that is so bombarded with the general noise of the crowd that I can't sync the audio.

My only thought is to make sure that the DJI reciever is connnected to my Camera A and time code matched to Camera B.
But if I have ever a clip on Camera B that was not recorded on Camera A - but I still have the audio captured on the Transmitter (because I just have the mics set to ALWAYS record so I don't miss anything) - I cannot link them without painstakingly doing it manually/visually.

ATTENTION MODERATOR: Can you please forward this request to developers for a firmware update. I notice that there is an internal date/time settings. So I would imagine that this would have all the hardware functionality to be able to handle this request - and would just be a programming/firmware update.
11-19 07:20
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Thank you for your feedback. I will take this as a suggestion of yours and will forward it to our designated team for attention. Rest assured that we are doing our best to gather customers' inquiries and work on solutions to provide the best customer service to our consumers. Thank you for your understanding and support.
11-19 20:31
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