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First flight - and it doesn't do anything
124 2 2022-11-19
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Charged, linked and bound the controller, goggles and drone last night using the android app.  the app then prompted me to update the firmware which I did.  Go out this morning to a clear field and attempt to start and hover.  The goggles are linked (I can see the camera view) and all device batteries are at full level.  

Goggles display warning that drone is in a low power state.   Any attempt to fly with the controller (pressing, double tapping or holding the red button) results in a beep from the controller and absolutely nothing else.

Got on support chat after packing it all in and am told I need to install some DJI software on my PC in order for the drone firmware to update - this is after updating everything last night with the android app.

I have serious reservations about installing this software on my PC that contains sensitive business and personal data.  A quick search shows DJI forum threads about an embedded trojan virus in this PC app.

How are you guys working around this?  Or is everyone just installing the software after over-riding the Chrome and Windows warnings?

I have concerns...
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I was able to update everything with my phone, so I see no reason why you need to install the software, however, I must confess, I do have the software installed and my Norton 360 has never said anything about it. In fact, it said it was safe to use.

To address the low power state... That's normal, it will always start in a low-power state until you start the motors. That is to keep it from overheating.

It sounds like your remote may not be bound to the drone. You might try to bind them again before doing all the other stuff.

Hope that helps.
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out and we're deeply sorry for the trouble that this has caused. The aircraft will be overheated if it does not take off in a few minutes after powering on. Therefore, the DJI Avata enters low power mode without starting the motor after powering on. Kindly please try to ensure that all the components are linked before turning them on. You may refer to the tutorial below on how to set up the DJI Avata properly. Lastly, feel free to use and rest assured that if you download software or app on our website, this is all safe. Please keep us posted. Thank you.

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