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Hi guys, thanks in advance for any info.....

So I just ordered through my work salary sacrifice a mini 3 pro, now I believe I don't require an operator ID or anything similar being from the UK.

What insurance do you guys recommend? I'm a complete novice so realise I should defo get cover, have looked at coverdrone and £65 for the year seems fairly reasonable with only £50 excess,I know dji offer their own cover but don't know how that compares? Considering the monthly option with coverdrone as then I can cancel it during the worst weather months.....

Anything else I need to know or should look to buy?

Like I said, thanks in advance

11-21 06:41
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DJI Tony


Hi, mitch221. Thank you for reaching out. We are excited for you to have your new DJI Mini 3 Pro! Please note that DJI offers a comprehensive protection plan, the DJI Care Refresh plan, which offers two replacements in one year, including one chance to use Flyaway Coverage. You can have your product replaced for a small additional cost when it comes to accidents like water damage, collisions, or missing aircraft. Additionally, depending on your needs, you can get a one-year or two-year plan. You may visit this link to check more details about the DJI Care Refresh plan: { ... ice=djicare-refresh}.
Should you have any concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us here at DJI Forum. Thank you for your continued support.
11-21 20:16
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You might be better off posting in the products section of this forum. That is way more active!
11-21 23:51
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United Kingdom

In the UK you need to register for the operator ID and then attach it to the drone.   You dont need a flyer ID but it's free and worth doing for the extra knowledge you will learn.
11-21 23:55
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