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DJI Mini 2 Color spikes - illegal colors out of broadcast range
70 2 11-22 01:57
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DJI Mini 2 Color spikes - illegal colors out of broadcast range
I am using a DJI Mini to record for broadcast. But i noticed massive color spikes that give me negative illegal color values and are very hard to filter out in color correction. Does anyone else have the same problems? Are there picture profile settings to avoid this?

11-22 01:57
Use props
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I don't experience this, but I never needed or checked for this either.
The Mini 2 is a consumer drone with a very hard color profile (high contrast, high sharpness).
Nothing you can change about that unfortunately.
Best option would be to upgrade to a drone with a raw / cinelike profile.
The cheapest option would be the Mini 3 Pro.

If you want more response from forum users, it might be better to post your question here
And also add some 'additional images' of what you are noticing.
It can make perfect sense for you, but it is always better to include images of the problem (software screens where you actually see what is going on) so there is no 'assumption' from anyone.
11-22 02:13
Use props
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Ive never seen this,  do you have an example you can post?
11-22 23:47
Use props
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