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New UK laws
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United Kingdom

I have a new mavic 3 combo and live in the United Kingdom.
Caa rules change in January and c1 category is meaningless not that my mavic 3 has a c rating!
What can i do in January 2023 or is my new purchase going to be an expensive paperweight?
What is dji doing to help its customers in relation to this?
11-22 08:09
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United Kingdom

If the transition period is extended then the A2CofC exam will allow you to fly A2 otherwise like the mavic 2 it will legally have to be flown as per the A3 rules.   Sadly it has nothing to do with DJI as this drone was sold before the C classifications started and the UK has decided to deviate.    Because of the uncertainly I held of the Mavic 3 and just keopt flying Mavic 2 and Mini 3 in places where I need to be close to people or property.  

EDIT.  Dft has now officially extended the transition.
11-22 23:39
Use props
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