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DJI AVATA FLYAWAY + Image glitch on googles
146 1 11-23 12:08
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Flight distance : 101624 ft

Hello everyone and thank you for listening to me. I am french so, sorry if my english is not perfect.
This afternoon, i flied my dji avata.

The avata was doing fine, except the fact that suddently, it lost signal on the googles, and then , after resuming the signal, i wasn't seeing anything at all anymore. the only thing visible were blue and white screen alternating like a broken TV, and the H logo ( home logo )

I tried to land it relatively smoothly ( it was in a field) in order to get it later.

After searching based on the last visible images from the djiFPV V two, i was not able to find anything.

On the dji Fly app, i have a GPS point ( is that the last point sended by the avata ? )  that i will check in the next days.

i also got the data of the flight from the app connecting it to the googles.

Where can i put thoses data to help me recover my drone ? The next 4 days there is clear wheather so i will get back on the field to see if i find the avata with friends..

The behavior was really unexpected and i ask myself if DJI could look at this and see that i was not the problem during this flight.

I am using dji drones since 10 years now.

Thank you all ! Richard.
11-23 12:08
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi there, you can try to use the 'Find My Drone' function to see if you can retrieve your drone.  Go to the menu of the goggles, and then go to Settings > Safety > Find My Drone. It helps find the location of the drone on the ground by using the cached video in the goggles. If the drone still has power, turn on ESC beeping, and the beeping sound will lead you to locate the drone.
If you're able to find the drone, you can submit a repair case and send it back for diagnosis and repair. If not, we recommend that you submit a flyaway case and our team will help accordingly. If there is a doubt about the accident, data analysis can be applied as long as the drone is within the warranty period.
11-23 18:04
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