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Agras T30 Batteries
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South Africa

Hello Fellow DJI Agras users. I have been using the Agras T30 for some time now and it has become very clear to me that keeping your batteries cool is very very important to flight safety, charging and battery life. How do you guys keep you batteries cool during flights?

Personally, we have a damp cloth covering the battery and a fan connected to our generator wich then evaporative cools the battery. Very important, the cloth isn't wet, it is just damp to cool more with the wind blowing.

What do you guys do?
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Good question, I also have a spray company , I use Agra T40 and I have the same doubt.
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DJI Natalia


Hi, there. Thanks for your inquiry.
At present, the method of cooling during charging is mainly to ensure that the charging environment is as cool as possible. When charging, please place the battery away from the heat dissipation port of the generator, and you can use a fan to cool it down as well. Besides, because the drone itself has airflow to dissipate heat during flight, there is no need for other cooling methods, just to ensure that there are no additional objects near the battery.
Hope the above suggestions are helpful to you.
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United States

Put the batteries in a cooling box connected with an air conditioner. This is for operating in hot environments. Either have the charging station outside or in the box. Vent however is needed.   
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