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DJI Remote ID Error in CANADA
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I live in Canada where we do not have Remote ID regulation.I still however get "Remote ID error" and cannot take off.

Is it still necessary to have your phone hooked up no matter where you are in the world even though the Remote ID regulation is USA only?

1-29 13:50
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The Saint
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United States

all i can say is usa "regulations" are on paper and do not directly impact the functionality of the drone.  if the regulations change tomorrow, you will likely not see an immediate impact on the drone or the software.  that being said, it is probably true your drone does not transmit rid when it flies outside the usa.  since we don't know exactly why the rid error is thrown up on the display, it is safe to say you need to have your phone connected to extinguish the error message.  and, i'll get this out of the way even though you didn't ask about it.  the faa rule does not mention anything about requirements when it comes to error message or geographic locations outside the usa.  if you rid drone won't take off outside the usa, blame dji not the regulations; however, you can probably disconnect your phone once you take off (you may still get the error message).
1-29 14:44
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DJI Gamora


Hi, DroneBees. Thank you for reaching out and we're sorry for the inconvenience. The DJI Avata only supports the Remote ID function in the US. Since you're in Canada, may we ask about the current firmware version? Have you tried connecting it to the mobile device? If yes, did the RID message went away? We will wait for your reply. Thank you.
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I am in Canada as well. Fully updated, yet when I unplug my phone, the error state comes back. Can't take off without my phone being attached. Is there a way to verify my location then allow take off without having this extra cord attached?
2-18 11:35
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