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s900+ wkm + ground station
992 3 2015-8-18
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Im having a bit of an issue with my new S900 and the dji ground station software.

First, the S900 seems to toilet bowl very slightly at times as you can see in this video especially near the end when my boss lets go of the sticks and it starts to bowl. The GPS is pointed straight to the front of the UAV.

We flew it in another area (less wind covered by trees) and it does not seem to bowl nearly as bad but it's still evident. We had it hovering relatively still, in place for a good few minutes and landed it no problem.

It's using a WKM. The IMU arrow is facing the front of the UAV, all the motors check out properly in motor testing in assistant. We hooked it up to the DJI ground station, uploaded our flight perfectly no issues. It has full satellites (flashing purple). We set it to go to 40m. It goes to 20m as it usually does (we've done this successfully with our Phantom 2 several times) and spins on it's axis trying to orient itself. From there it's almost like it's backwards. It can't seem to locate our waypoints and somewhat flies eratically.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or know where to start trouble shooting? No IOSD Mark II but the ground station software provided a gslog.dat file that appears to be encrypted and I can't open...

Also, I attached some pics of where the IMU and GPS are.

-6cm 2cm X
0cm 0cm Y
1cm -21cm Z
Gains as provided by DJI  
Basic: Roll 160%, Pitch 160%, Yaw 160%  
Attitude: Roll 190%, Pitch 190%, Vertical 100%

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I emailed DJI ages ago. What is the quickest way to get somebody to help? I don't want to wait two months for product support.
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If anyone googles this, three things were changed to fix it, not sure what did it. GPS magnetic declination, had to adjust my gps by 15 degrees (check your location). Remeasured IMU and gps placement. Re made route in ground station. Works fine now.

Sure wish DJI support took the time to look at peoples problems. By far worst support from a company considering how much money we've spent on DJI products. I've made several posts in this forum and not once got a response from DJI. Embarrassing to say the least.
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travisslack@gma Posted at 2015-8-21 00:47
If anyone googles this, three things were changed to fix it, not sure what did it. GPS magnetic decl ...

Hi there.

I was just about to suggest some troubleshooting advice. But now, as you resolved the problems just some remarks.

Ground Station has nothing to with it.
The other two did the job. Toilet Bowl Effect is the result of a mismatch between the actual position of the aircraft and the position the system "thinks" it is.
Also make sure that you do compass and IMU calibration properly.

Best regards
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