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DJI PSDK FlightControl cannot work with M300 RTK
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I have compiled the PSDK c++ and C example for V3.3 from here:

When i run it, i am able to connect with both UART and ethernet and i get this message to confirm it:

[13.433][core]-[Info]-[DjiIdentityVerify_UpdatePolicy:411) Updating dji sdk policy file...
[14.433][core]-[Info]-[DjiIdentityVerify_UpdatePolicy:414) Update dji sdk policy file successfully
[15.504][infor]-[Info]-[DjiAircraftInfo_GetAdapterSerialNumber:646) Get serial number of Skyport V2 or X-Port is 39CBK350010094
[15.504][core]-[Info]-[DjiCore_Init:163) Identify AircraftType = Matrice 300 RTK, MountPosition = Payload Port NO3, SdkAdapterType = Skyport V2
[15.568][core]-[Info]-[DjiCore_ApplicationStart:223) Start dji sdk application


I can run some of the examples, for eg. the example labelled:

| [0] Fc subscribe sample - subscribe quaternion and gps data                                      |


Works just fine and allows me to connect to battery information. However, if i try to run any of the flight control examples:

| [1] Flight controller sample - take off landing                                                  |
| [2] Flight controller sample - take off position ctrl landing                                    |
| [3] Flight controller sample - take off go home force landing                                    |
| [4] Flight controller sample - take off velocity ctrl landing                                    |
| [5] Flight controller sample - arrest flying                                                     |

Then i get the following error:
[32.873][flight]-[Error]-[DjiFlightController_Init:124) Don't support this module on this aircraft series and mount position
[32.873][user]-[Error]-[DjiTest_FlightControlInit:148) Init flight controller module failed, error code:0x000000E0
[32.873][user]-[Error]-[DjiTest_FlightControlRunSample:121) Init flight Control sample failed,error code:0x000000E0


Can you use the PSDK to control the DJI M300 RTK? If so what am i doing wrong?

2-12 21:45
Use props


Hi there! You can control the DJI M300 RTK with the PSDK samples. We have done that. I am not sure what the problem is but maybe it's regarding which port you use to connect to the FCU. I think the control functions are only available if you connect through the OSDK port, and not the X-Port or PSDK port. I use the typical OSDK dev kit to connect to the FCU and everything runs properly.
3-30 00:12
Use props
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