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Phantom 2 Vision 2+ drop from sky
979 1 2015-8-20
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United Kingdom

Hi wonder if any one can help.

I was out flying my Phantom 2 Vision + in Italy, when I noticed sudden changed in the Altitude on the phone screen and it then suddenly decided to drop from the sky. I was hovering at 100m when it happened and despite trying to throttle up it continued to drop and not respond. It bounce on the ground and turned over.

Luckly I hava a pretty sturdy landing gear set-up, which protected the camera from damage and only resulted in a small crack in the body and one damaged prop.

I have dusted it off, glued the crack and done a IMU calibration. Its not the 1st time I have noticed it suddenly drop for no reason. Despite calibarating several time, it shows a negative Altitude when on the ground.

I have emailed DJI support with a video and pictures, but they are trying to get out any warranty or help by saying " on the video we see some modifications, this means the warranty is void. The extra weight of the landing gear might answer for the sudden drop sometimes as the software is calibrated on the original weight of the aircraft."

Has anyone else had any problems from having different landing gear? or are DJI just looking for excuses?

Has anyone else had problems with their Phantom 2 Vision plus not holding altitude?

I am not impressed with DJI's support as the first thing they try and do is get out of any responsibility rather than help figure out if it is a saftware bug or just an unexplained accident.

I hope someone can help.

Many thanks

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Second Officer

United States

Bear in mind that as you fly, the battery voltage reduces.  If you have added weight to your aircraft via heavier landing gear, etc... to the point that it will marginally climb or hold altitude in hover with a fresh battery, it may lose the ability to climb or maintain altitude as the battery voltage drops.  A defective battery, damage to the props reducing their efficiency, or other issues could also affect performance as well.

I would tend to agree with DJI as to questioning responsibility for providing warranty work on a modified product.
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