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'best' way to view footage on TV ??
397 4 3-21 07:27
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United States

I am super frustrated trying to view footage shot by my new Mini 3 on TV at home.

I have been transferring DJI .MP4 files to thumbdrive then trying to play via my Sony

Bluray player. Sony says it can play MPEG-4 files. But no go. I used old Windows Movie

Maker to put a few clips together, add MP3 sound, then save as a .wmv file and it worked a

couple times, but now, error message says sound track is incompatible type. How should a

newbie go about viewing on TV? I thought about uploading to You Tube then watch on TV

3-21 07:27
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United Kingdom

Uploading to YT and viewing on the TV works fine.
3-21 10:37
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. Due to different TV hardware models, we cannot guarantee that the TV will be able to play the video recorded by the aircraft. We recommend that you contact the TV manufacturer to learn the resolution, bit stream, and coding format for the videos supported by the TV model. If the video cannot be played, try to play a video with low resolution and a bit stream. If the issue persists, you may refer to the suggestion of our fellow DJI Pilot on post #2 or use a computer to play the video. Thank you for your understanding and support.
3-21 19:18
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Try running your files through handbrake to make them more compatible.  it's free.
3-21 23:28
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The DJI Mini 3 drone has a USB-C port, which can be used to output video to a TV using an HDMI adapter. You can connect the USB-C port on the DJI Mini 3 remote controller to an HDMI input port on your TV using an HDMI adapter. Make sure to use an HDMI adapter that is compatible with your DJI Mini 3 and your TV. Once connected, switch your TV to the appropriate HDMI input to view the drone footage on your TV.
You can also view DJI Mini 3 footage on your TV by using a mobile device and screen mirroring. The DJI Fly app, which is the companion app for DJI Mini 3, allows you to view live footage from the drone on your mobile device.
4-16 21:52
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