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Does the DJI FPV run the motors in reversed config?
1028 2 2023-3-21
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The front right motor prop (which is supposed to be a black label) is labelled CW.  The front left motor prop (red label) shows labelled CCW.  In traditional FPV rigs, like in BetaFlight the front right motor should spin CCW and then front left should spin CW.  
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Yes, DJI FPV runs "props out" which is objectively better in every way. It has more yaw authority in sharp corners because the same motor that yaws doesn't also need to roll, doesn't throw grass/leaves/water/whatever into yout fpv lens, and if you clip a small branch or something, props are gonna push it out instead of suck it in and get stuck.

Betaflight has props in as default because it's based on ancient code that did this before we knew the benefits of props out (especially for FPV drones) and they don't like changing defaults even though most of us will just go into configurator and set it to props out as first step.

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Hi, fans17c4995b. Thank you for reaching out. Yes, the motors on DJI FPV with and without marks indicate different directions of rotation.
(Front right motor)CCW: reverse propeller, counterclockwise.
(Front left motor)CW: forward propeller, clockwise.
Hope this answers your question. Thank you for your valued support.
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