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FCPX post, Mini 3 Pro+Gopro10 footage. Res, aspect r., codecs
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Hi. I’m taking my first steps in Final Cut Pro video post production. I aim mainly at the best possible quality videos for my outdoor activities youtube channel and plan to make clips for my band later on when I’m ready.
A few questions.

1. Codecs.
- Mini 3 Pro has H.264 and H.265
- Gopro 10 has H.264 + HEVC
- Final Cut can do projects with H.264 and ProRes, haven’t found H.265 anywhere in FCPX options, but maybe it’s there, I don’t know.

I can do ProRes, bc my machine is Macbook Pro M1 Pro 2021. But do I need to?
So which codec should I use for Mini 3 Pro, Gopro 10 common Final Cut projecst?

2. Resolution.
- Mini 3 Pro can do 4k 30fps HQ, and also 60 fps low at 8 bits. I aim at 30 fps, bc it’s hq - 10 bits. But I’d like occasionally do 4k 60 to do slow motion
- Gopro 10 can do 5k 30 fps, 60 fps, 4k 30 fps, 60 and 120
- Final Cut Pro projescts can be 16:9 4k 3840x2160, 21:9 5k 5120x2160.
I’ll be doing mainly 4k 16:9, but ocasionally also 5k 21:9 because I have an ultrawide monitor and I like this aspect ratio.

People say I should do Final cut projects at 24 or 25 fps… but what’s the sense of it if I shoot mainly at 4k 30 fps? So FCPX projects at 30 fps? In what way will slow motion integrate into this if I shoot with Mini 3 Pro 60 fps, but lower quality (8 bits)?
If I want to integrate Gopro 10 footage in these projects, is there any sense in shooting Gopro at 5k? I know I can more easily crop in when shot at 5k, but I shoot with go pro mainly with a gimbal (Inkee Falcon Plus) and Nd filters, and want post production to be straight. So shoot Gopro 10 at 4k 30fps regular and 4k 60 for slow mo?

3. MP4 or MOV? As Isaid, that’s post on FCPX, m1 pro macbook 2021, mainly for hq video for youtube.
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h265 is the same as HEVC.     FCPX edits much better if you let it creat ProRes proxy files, then export the project to what ever format you want for its destination,   For YouTube I like 4k mp4.
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