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Suspicious posts on legit threads
293 1 4-11 13:56
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I was looking at a couple of legit threads, when I saw a user post replies that seem to be like they are trying to code something, possibly with some malicious intent? The first test posts seem to be based on HTML ( ... 759&pid=3019968 and ... 373&pid=2991367 )and seem to be related to a typography of a text, so doesn't seem too alarming at first. But the third one at ... 759&pid=3021936 seems to be more suspicious.

The profile of the said user is at ... uuid=133a9bbbd20462

Please do find out what this is about, and if it is something not-with-good-intentions, please do stop it.

Thanks in advance for checking it out!

4-11 13:56
Use props
DJI Wanda

Hello, there. Thanks for your feedback. We deleted the threads and gave a warning. If you would like to report spammers or Spam posts, you are advised to report to us in PM or under the thread "Spammers reporting". Thank you.
4-11 18:52
Use props
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