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Persistent RC Calibration errors despite calibrating. 6 flights in
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Flight distance : 41194 ft

United States

I recently just got back from a trip to Costa Rica. I picked up the new Mini 2 SE before I left because it seemed like the perfect drone to take to Costa Rica.
I have not used any drones before, but I used it a few times before leaving on vacation,  and felt comfortable enough to use it when I got there. All was well at first,  used the drone a few times but after the third of fourth flight, I got an RC calibration a error. I didn't think much of it, so I re-calibrated it and flew it again.

After one or two more flights, I noticed the camera kept angling down.  No matter what I did it would force itself to look down and move it up and it would move back down after the drone returns home. That's when I started getting calibration erorrs that would not go away. I googled this and saw this happening a lot in 2022 but nothing all that recent but what I would do is calibrate it, and it would just continue to beep beep beep and tell me that it needs to be calibrated. Being that I was away and I bought the drone specifically to go on this trip, I took it out to an open field and put it up in the air, even with the calibration error beeping… It seemed to work fine… but I was too nervous to use it anywhere else. As a result, unfortunately I was without a drone to use and missed out on some great opportunities to fly

I have now tried to calibrate it 10 to 15 times and no matter what, the error won't go away.  I downloaded assistant 2 and did re-flash the firmware to my drone, but was not able to find any firmware that I to 're-flash' the RC remote. I am not sure if that's even a thing, because I am very new to this. Can you reflash remote?

Does it sound like it's going to be an RMA?  
DJi if you're out there I'd love some support or recommendation on what I should do. Super bummed because Costa Rica was a perfect spot to really get used to this thing and create some video memories.

Thank you for the help.

4-19 12:43
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DJI Wanda

Hello, there. Sorry for the inconvenience. May we know did you contact our support and send it back for repair? If not, could you please record a video for us to further verify the issue? Thanks in advance.
5-5 05:43
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United States

Im kinda new and I caught myself accidently pressing that knurled knob or button on the topside of the controller, which angles the camera.
5-25 09:40
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