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Why no Bluetooth connection to RC from phone?
661 2 2023-4-23
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It seems to me that connecting the phone/tablet to the Remote Controller via Bluetooth or Wifi would be much simpler and would eliminate all the connection issues that we experiance with bad cables and connection ports. the Phone/Tablet is always inches away from the rc, so it should stay connected. The connection from the "Motion Controller" is wireless, why not the Remote Controller? We DO have the technology to make this a reality. Can someone tell me why we aren't using it?
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Hi there, may I confirm if you mean you want to connect the DJI FPV Remote Controller 2/DJI Motion Controller to your phone? Or do you mean other models? Please tell us more details so that we can better understand your needs.
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Hi, Wanbli. Thank you for reaching out. Please see the details below:
1. One of the reasons is that the Wi-Fi control signal is not steady and can be easily interfered by surroundings.
2. There might be Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility issues with mobile devices as there are various brands.
3. The connection between the remote controller to the aircraft is wireless, if it is as well wireless connection between the remote controller and the mobile device, there will be interference and more uncertainty.
4. Earlier drones like Mavic Pro/air/spark once have Wi-Fi connections, due to the above-mentioned disadvantages, the products that came out later changed the connection method to avoid the situation.
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