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Air 2 FAA remote ID compliance
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ashley vanna
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I have an Mavic Air 2 and was wondering if anyone can help me.  Its my understanding that on September 16, 2023 drones will need to have remote ID compliance.  How can I get this drone to be in compliance?  I have no knowledge or technical experience in taking a drone apart.   I know there are thousands of these drones out there, and maybe there is someone out there who can steer us in the right direction.  I'm searching for answers on the web.  Please steer me in the right direction on this matter.  

Thank You, have a nice day.
4-28 12:26
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Hi, Ashley. Thank you for reaching out. According to the FAR Part 89 Remote ID regulations, the RID compliance for American users starts on September 16, 2023. Before that, the FAA RID regulation does not affect the user’s flight activity. After that, for Mavic Air 2, please purchase a third-party RID module that complies with RID MOC and add it to the aircraft to comply.
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At this time the only available 3rd party RID module runs about $300.  There are several companies working on making modules available at a cheaper cost but they are awaiting FCC approval.  These modules will be installed to the exterior of the drone similar to how you can add LED lights like  Firehouse strobe lights.  
4-29 02:44
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