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KML file and background map for DJI Pilot 2
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I am trying to get something more than just the outdated default background map in Pilot 2 for flight planning. I work for a contractor building a new highway, so the background map is all forest in the area I am mapping.

I want either:
a) A KML file in the background showing the boundary of the construction site. When I tried uploading a polygon, Pilot automatically made a flight plan out of it. I just want the polygon to be in the background.
b) A 2,5 GB tiff file with an orthophoto I already made with another drone. Read somewhere you can upload your own MBTiles file, but would this file be too large for Pilot?

Anyone got any experience with this?
5-8 09:50
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a) refer to answer b

b)You can directly integrate your polygon on the basemap. There is currently no way to import shapefiles just to display them. Or you need something like UGCS.

If the ortho is too large, reduce the resolution.
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MBTiles files work fine.

I created one from a mapping mission using Agisoft Metashape, then exported as a TIFF with a TFW world file. I then used some free online service to convert to MBTile format, and it loaded and displayed just fine.
It was a single 21mb tile

I only wanted to get the position and shape of an island, so I did not export any kind of high resolution image.

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