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DJI Goggles V2 Black Screen after battery ran out
808 1 2023-5-17
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Hi everyone.
Long story short, I forgot my Goggles V2 powered on with a 18650 battery pack inside a backpack. When I went back to them a few hours later to fly again they were off but plugged in, batteries were at 3V each. Considering that the goggle's min input voltaje is 7.4V I assume they rebooted quite a few times and probably got pretty hot inside the backpack as well.

With a well charged battery the goggles turn on, after about 15 seconds all buttons ''beep'' if I press them, but the screen is black, with a backlight or something on. Every 12 seconds after that the screen goes off for about 2 seconds, and lights back up, still showing a black screen, 12 seconds on, 2 seconds off and so on... This goes on forever.
Computer recognizes them normally, I tried downgrading, upgrading, rooting them and installing wtfos on them to see if there were any changes but symptoms are still the same.
I haven't opened them up yet, but I hear the cooler ramping up as usual and going on after plugging them in and it stays on all the time.
Has anyone had this happen? I've read a few posts were people had similar issues over a stuck fan but mine is working ok from what I can hear.
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. We do apologize for this unpleasant experience of yours. Can you please upload a video showing the issue so we can check it further? Please start the video by turning on the drone etc. You may upload the video via Google Drive or Youtube and send it to us so we can check. Please keep us posted. Thank you.
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