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Different flight mission in one flight
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Hello there,
After resuming and completing one small flight mission, can I pause the drone in air and exit the camera view in DJI pilot 2 app in RC to select another planned mission nearby to fly in that route?

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You can switch missions in midair w/o landing in Pilot, so I'd be surprised if you can't in Pilot 2.
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Works quite well

I do it all the time flying a groups of nearby islands.

Fly one island, then flip the switch from "P" to "T", and the drone will pause in the air. Back out of that mission, select another, flip the switch back to "P", and start the next mission.

It's a little weird not having any control screen active with your drone hovering over salt water, but it waits patiently while you upload the next mission, then goes about its merry way.

You get a different image folder for each mission

Very nice
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Use props
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