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Always Record on Goggles
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Would it be possible to add a feature that allows the Goggles to always record? There are times when you want to stop the recording on the drone such as when you're manuvering to setup a shot but you really don't want to record it on the drone to save space and to help easily locate your shots by creating a new recording when ready. However, during the time of having the recording off, the Goggles are also not recording so if anything happened you wouldn't have a record of it. This may also help improve the battery life on the drone.
5-18 07:33
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The Saint
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United States

good suggestion!
5-18 07:37
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DJI Paladin
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Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate the time and effort you have invested in providing this suggestion to us. Your feedback will be definitely cascaded to the concerned team for further review. Thank you for your valued support.
5-18 18:16
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First Officer
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I also would love the Goggles to keep recording for at least 1 or 2 seconds after disarming the drone. The reason for that is, that Betaflight FCs give a resumee of some sorted flight data on the OSD right after disarming. Would be great to keep this information recorded for later purposes.

Desperately needed!
5-18 23:37
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