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What is still Missing
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Hello DJI

Some features are missing from all Mavic 3's and are a Must to be imported as agreed with too many people.
Here are some of them:


1. Add Linear - curved option for the drone to followfrom waypoint to waypoint
2. Add telephoto 7x option and up to28 hybrid zoom
3. Add the option to move the whole waypoint mission on the map by long pressing and moving on the screen.
4. Add the option to make bigger or smaller the whole waypoint mission so to fit in a bigger area.

1. Add the option for Dynamic home point when using Active Track or whenever someone wants it.
2. Add GPS tracking(Follow GPS) with the focus track together. (When the focus track loses the target then will jump to GPS tracking until the focus is on the target again)
3. Add a "BEACON" style for GPS tracking all remotes (DJI RC PRO - DJI RC - DJI RC N1 - DJI RC MOTION 2)
4. Add Left Stick or C1, C2 buttons to change the angles of tracking when Active Track is enabled for faster change of angle. ( left movement of the stick CW angle selection and right movement CCW angle selection or C1, C2 respectively.

1. Add a bar for Denoise control
2. Add sharpen bar and some more options.

1. HDR simple mode(No HLG) or option for(Auto - Always on-off)
2. Dlog or Dlog M for the 7x telelense.

5-18 10:26
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New Zealand

Fully agree with the above. Also need the 4G promised connection, ability to set the camera when setting waypoints to look at an angle.
5-18 11:03
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Drey. I
First Officer
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United States

Totally agree. We need those features.
5-18 15:24
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DJI Paladin
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Thank you for your feedback. I will take this as a suggestion of yours and will forward it to our designated team for attention. After the evaluation of the engineers, significant suggestions or requests will be implemented via the firmware update, app update, etc. For any updates, please stay tuned to the latest news on our DJI official website at Thank you for your valued support!
5-18 17:59
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Second Officer
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United Kingdom

The big one for me,  over anything listed above,  are the flight characteristics. Make it fly like the Mavic 2. The 3 flies likes it's got 'Lane Assist' making it as manourverable as Joe Biden on a skateboard!

This image courtesy of Fabriziooo (who has already posted on this Forum), who highlights this issue perfectly. The image on the top is a Mavic 2 the bottom the 3

5-19 02:24
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