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Changing motor direction?
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I crashed a Matrice 600 Pro, nothing too major but needed to replace one of the motors/arms, and all the props. A got a new arm kit, but made a couple mistakes...

1. I got a new Matrice 600 arm kit: DJI Matrice 600 - Aircraft Arm Kit (CW, Red) - Part 25, but realized there is a separate arm kit with a different part number for the matrice 600 pro. Is there any difference? They're both 6010 motors and 2170R props. Not sure if the ESC is different somehow?

2. Realized later that I got an arm kit that was CW when I actually needed CCW. I switched the props to CCW. Is there a way to switch the motor direction? A little confused because the 6010 motors (on their own) don't specify a direction, so should be based on how they're wired. I tried swapping +/- when connecting to the power distribution board, but then the drone just refuses to power on. So guessing I need to swap something at the ESC or motor itself?
5-19 05:59
Use props
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Between the ESC and the motor there are 3 cables.  Two of them must be reversed, no matter which ones.  The third you don't touch.  But I wonder if the motor is not soldered on the ESC directly.  I don't remember this model.
5-19 06:54
Use props
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