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Cannot connect to my MacBook Air M2 - Did everything right, no luck
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Vajra Fatih

Hi all,

I am a Pocket2 user for 2 weeks. I wanted to transfer my files to my MacBook Air (M2), but had not been successful.
I used all adaptor combinations. In one of them, I see the question on Pocket2 screen "connect to computer?" and I confirm. But then nothing happens. On some videos I watched on YouTube, they show how the SD card in the Pocket2 is seen on finder, under "Locations". But on my locations, there is nothing like that (only my Google Drive). And I do not know how to find the pocket2 folder via the finder. I am also quite new to Mac (6 months).
Any help will be greatly appreciated

5-21 05:03
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DJI Tony


Hi, Fatih. Thanks for reaching out, and we're sorry to read about the difficulties you encountered. Here are some recommended troubleshooting steps you may try:
1. Plug the smartphone adapter in a reverse direction or connect DJI Pocket 2 to a computer without using a smartphone adapter.
2. If you are using the Do-It-All Handle, ensure that you remove it before connecting the DJI Pocket 2 to your  Mac.
3. If you have the DJI USB Splitter Charging Cable (Type-A to Type-C), please connect the cable with the data transfer logo on the connector, if the other one is connected, it only supports charging.
4. Restart the DJI device and replace the USB-C cable, the port of the computer, and the SD card to have a try.
If the issue remains, kindly record the whole process and send it here for further checking. Thank you.
5-21 05:12
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Vajra Fatih

Thanks for prompt response.
Of course I paid attention to your points 1. 2. and 3.
Only thing you offered new to me was to reinsert the SD card on point 4. I also tried that now. So I tried everything you mentioned.

Here is the video I recorded
5-21 07:11
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United States

This is what has worked for me with my M1 MBA:

I found a way to access my Pocket 2's SD card without having to remove it. I simply used a DJI Splitter Cable (with one USB Type A to Two Type C) and connected the USB C I/O labeled cable to my Pocket 2. Then, I connected the USB Type A end to an Anker USB C hub and plugged the hub into my M1 MacBook Air. This allows me to easily connect my Pocket 2. Even though it may seem like an unnecessary workaround (thanks, DJI), it gets the job done effectively. I hope this solution can help others as well.
5-22 07:30
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