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DJI RS 3 + Raveneye - Video Transmission with my Sony A7R III pro...
1038 0 2023-5-22
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Flight distance : 594521 ft
United States

According to DJI's information and site, the only options to use the Raveneye with my RS 3 is either bluetooth or the Sony MCC Cable to USB-C

The advantage of the cable is one more focus/zoom option that BlueTooth doesn't offer.

Here is my goal.. as much functionality off my phone with the DJI App as possible. ActiveTrack trigger AF as needed with the Focus motor calibrated.

I have given up on the dream of setting ISO/Aperture/SPeed as its supposedly can do that with USBC to USBC but then you can't see anything while filming which is just not an option.

Here's where I am:

DJI Raveneye -- Updated Firmware

DJI RS 3 - Updated Firmware

Iphone 14 DJI Ronin App updated

1. Focus Motor --  Wired to bottom port on RS 3 -- other end First Port Closest to my face when holding the gimble.

Raveneye - Back USBC to Mid RS 3 USB C port.

HDMI to Camera Mini-HDMI

Camera MCC cable to USB top port on RS3 OR USB-C

Turn on DJI Ronin App. connected via bluetooth -- Phone to Gimble.. I can use Force Mobile, and setup timelapse etc through the app. From the gimble I can take a picture or start a movie.. that's about it. I can trigger optical zoom but focus doesn't seem to want to work (According to the documentation I would need AF set on lens (not available -- this is an AF compatible lens but there is no AF switch on the lens so not sure this is even possible) and MF set on the camera.

Turn On Raveneye -- Join Raveneye Network

Everything seems to show up visually just fine. Ronin App switches over to Camera input view just fine.

However nothing else seems to work. Click on Force MObile -- it says to turn on motors:
IMG_7977 copy.jpg
any nothing really seems to work. Pressing the red phone button seems to trigger "record" but the buton above to switch to pictures, is a no go. Virtual joystick force mobile doesn't work active track is wonky. Its like the phone is not really talking to the gimble anymore and neither is the Raveneye 100%. USBC is also wonky. Sometimes connecting it will allow me to switch settings sometimes it doesnt.

SOmetimes reconnecting cables over and over again seems to "trigger" something and it works, but powerdown and do it again and its strange. Not sure if I am just not setting something up right.

Sony Camera I have BT off, PC Remote as the USB Connection mode, LUN set to SIngle (multi didn't seem to do anything new)

I just want this to work consistently where ActiveTrack works, focus if possible to be triggered if I have set the limits on the focus motor. At the very least-- and be able to switch photo/video and the other Ronin in-app options. Thanks
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