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Max storage for a single flight
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I want to buy a set of micro sd cards. If I record video in the most storage-consuming way, throughout the entire duration of the flight, what would be the maximum storage capacity  I could possibly need? The scenario is intentionally somewhat hypothetical. I realize, of course, that I won't fly the drone until it drops.

My idea is to rather have a lot of smallest possible micro sd cards, which I would change after a flight, back up, format, and reuse.


5-23 07:18
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First Officer

128GB minimum
Max flight with Plus batteries is approx 35 mins unless you push the limits upto 45
Max file size it can shoot with 10 Bit D-Cinelike 60fps 4k footage so assuming you have blank card of 128gb you will fill up in that flight but what if you dont have time to copy the data during some flights.

Either buy 1x 256gb card or 2 x 128gb cards.
5-23 08:23
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Second Officer
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4k@30 ~ 1h 30m = 64Gb = time for 1x standart batt + 2x plus batt
4k@60 -> 128Gb
5-23 08:32
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DJI Gamora


Hi, badbishop. This depends on the resolution you'll use. We suggest doing a dry run first for you to know exactly what storage you'll need. Here are the Recommended microSD Cards for Mini 3 Pro in case you'll need them:

You may also refer to other users' suggestions above.
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The Saint
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it's has already been mentioned, go with 128gb minimum and you can't go wrong.
5-26 09:43
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