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Got seeing-eye dog for Pocket 2 to solve facial tracking problems..
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Open Mike
United States

     I was having real problems with face tracking on my Pocket 2.  If my face was blocked from it for 2 seconds it would lose me and be unable to find me again, even if I hadn't moved!  If I turned around briefly it would lose me as well.  I tried everything, but the Pocket 2 just isn't useful unless you have it on a stick just a third of a meter from your face.  And if you are doing that, you don't need good tracking and good facial recognition anyway!

    Finally I broke down and bought a $40 seeing-eye dog for my $500 tracking camera.

Telesin seeing-eye dog for Dji Pocket2

Telesin seeing-eye dog for Dji Pocket2

This Telesin gimbal can pick me out easily, find me again, and it has another great feature in addition to actually being able to track me: it doesn't need an app!  Love that.  Click a button on a remote, and I'm good to go.  Much better and much easier than fumbling with an awkward phone.  I see so many reviewers online saying one of their top critera is no app needed.  I can see why.

    The downsides are that it doesn't pan as smoothly and it only moves on a horizontal axis.  Looking at this I wondered if I needed to get a Pocket2 at all.  I could put any camera on this.  Since I already have a Pocket2, I might find that in follow mode that it smooths out the rougher movements of the Telesin.  I'll see.  Telesin has another gimbal, but without the same functionality in the remote, so that one doesn't seem as useful.

Telesin seeing-eye dog for Dji Pocket2.jpg
5-23 11:24
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Glad to hear if your problem got solved, although it may have not been the ideal solution.
5-23 12:50
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Interesting to see.
I never do face tracking myself with the P2.
5-24 01:34
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IF I do want face tracking in a gimbal camera, I boot up my not-often-used Fimi Palm 2, whose face tracking is very good (except it locks on to the first face it sees - so if I go behind a tree, and someone else passes, it will track their face and forget about me...)  Endless fun can be had by setting it up in front of a TV with a drama showing, and the camera whips about all over the place, tracking every character in the frame!

Is motor noise an issue with the Telesin device?  I've seen some adverse comment about that.

5-24 03:20
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