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TB-51 Auto Discharge
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It would be great if we could manually engage the auto discharge on the battery. Let's say we set the battery to 1 Day discharge time (the lowest), if we return from a shoot with unused batteries, we don't necessarily want to wait another day for the discharge to start, so an option, similar to the sequence that engages the self warming feature, that starts the discharge at will, would be great. Perhaps, the self warming feature could double as the discharge feature since it uses battery power. Maybe reprogram the self warming feature so that it continues to deplete in the self warming state until it reaches 50% and then stops. Just an idea. Maybe the conventional way of auto discharge is better, but regardless, if we had a way to initiate it straight on the battery itself with feedback via the battery lights like 4 lights blinking successively to tell us it is discharging, this would be much more ideal than just relying only on the pre-programmed time via the Pilot app.

What would be even more ideal is if we could auto discharge 8 batteries manually at once using the TB-51 battery charger. There could be button sequence to engage it and all the batteries would blink a special combination of lights to identify the discharge status. It could set them to self warming mode until 50% or it could start the normally delayed auto discharge cycle immediately.

Thank you.

5-25 22:34
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Hi, ScooterC5. Thank you for reaching out. I will take these as suggestions of yours and will forward them to our designated team for attention. All significant suggestions will be implemented after the evaluation of our relevant team. For the latest updates please stay tuned to our DJI official website at ( ). Thank you.
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