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Obstacle avoidance detailed explanation
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Hi DJI and All

I am considering buying Mini3P and would like to have certain info and limitations on obstacle avoidance behavior especially when RTH

1. Does it go over the obstacle or around it?

If over, then what about the max flight height? If the max flight height is set to 100m, and the drone is flying at 100m, and it detects an obstacle, will it rise above the obstacle and then after passing, lower itself back to 100m?

If around, then what is the limit for the attempt to go around? Will it fly 200m to the left just to go around the building? Will it do 300m? Is there a limit? And if so, what happens when that limit is reached? Will it go back to the initial point and go right to the limit?

If over/around combined, the same questions as above, plus question: what determines if che choses over or above?

2. When not in RTH, just manually flying, when obstacle avoidance is set to bypass, and the drone detects the obstacle, can I move it to left/right to help him manouver and choose better path?

3. The drone does not have stereoscopic cameras on the sides, therefore it cannot detect the obstacles on it's sides. However if the drone is flying forward, it can see what the obstacles look like to the left and right. Question: does it take into consideration the data from the front facing sensors and by the distance moved forward is aware of the obstacles on it's sides?

5-26 06:34
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With regards to the set height limit, I think, that is obeyed but the RTH height can be exceeded. If correct it could get stuck on the far side of a very tall obstacle that reached above the set height limit.
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