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A lot of noise with LUT applied
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Hi, so I recorded my video in 4k30fps - EV -0.3 - auto max ISO 400 ( for most of the time it's at 200 ) and I applied a LUT into it. The video come out with sort of a lot of noise in both kinda low and normal light environment. Any suggestion to fix this ? Edit with davinci resolve ( free version ), no color boost nor saturation adjust, just a LUT from internet. I don't know if the noise is normal or is it just because my monitor display is bad so I see noise. Also the original video was 3.8GB, with LUT it is 16GB. On the left is it D-cine and on the right is it LUT applied

D-cine kinda low light

D-cine kinda low light

LUT kinda low light

LUT kinda low light

Skärmbild 2023-05-26 233602.jpg Skärmbild 2023-05-26 233722.jpg
Skärmbild 2023-05-26 234128.jpg Skärmbild 2023-05-26 234041.jpg

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Hi there. Thanks for reaching out, and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly upload the video on this link so we can check it further. If it doesn't work, please upload it on a shareable link like Google Drive and post it here. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Can you share the original video?
Note that the Pocket 2 has quite a bit of artifacts. Like all DJI cameras have.
This can be perceived as 'noise'.
I only know of very expensive plugins that can solve this.
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