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DJI Care Express
DJI Mini 3

Hey,  DJI Netherlands keep saying the same old crap....I paid £55.00 for care  refresh, then £39.00 to upgrade to express....took almost a month, I  can prove EVERYTHING, with screenshots AND screen recordings with DJI  Netherlands customer support repeating the same old rubbish.

7  times over a 3 week period, I was told the same old rubbish ''''''We  will ford it to our team, someone will be in touch by the end of the  day'''''''''

GUESS what?

NOBODY contacted me, EVER!!

So, Did DJI eventually refund me? £100? £50? £39 care-express??


Not even so much as an apology, but problem Is, I HAVE LEGAL AID!

Because I had to fork out £200 to various people to enable ME TO FIND MY DRONE, to forward It to DJI.

I will be making Youtube videos 2-3 times a week with regards to this, but 100% ONLY the TRUTH backed up with 100% PROOF!

The  final straw was when I contacted DJI to complain and ask for AT LEAST  the £39.00 back, In which It was supposed to be a 2-3 day service, so  they did not provide service I paid for, they said 'We will forward this  on as we can't deal with complaints on live chat, someone will email  you''

Week later and STILL nobody has been In touch!

Then they basically think they can get away with not even refunding my £39.00 buy saying all this BREXIT stuff.

Check this out though, I'm not new to this sending drones back to netherlands stuff, I'm not new to flying drones.

I  have personally owned 8 DJI drones and I know the score, EXACTLY how to  send it, which I HAD TO PAY £15.00 for fully tracked Postage, with the  proper forms etc etc...they tried the old SCRIPTED response of ''Check  your spam box''....REALLY?? ARE YOU FOR REAL??

Also, It clearly shows on their site 'If you do nor get a UPS shipping label In 2 days, you will have to pay It yourself!'

I  always remember the very first drone I had, It was a mini 2 fly more  combo and had to send It to DJI In Netherlands for repair.....It only  took about a week, which was no problem with me, but was shocked and  VERY pleasntly surprised to find I a card with an apology for the delay  (which I didn't even notice a delay) PLUS an A DJI 'The Future Of  Possible DJI bag as a gift.

I was like ''Wow, this company Is great''

PLUS I have bought 2 DJI Osmo Action 3 cameras In the past, which STILL have care refresh on them.

So, can you Imagine all the drones you see below, how much I have spent with DJI Including Care refresh and Express etc????

Yet, they REFUSE to even offer a £39.00 refund and an apology for a 2-3 service, which took nearly a month!

I  will NOT be contacting them any more, as I am sick of their lies with  regards to 'we will email you In bla blah blah' every single time you  contact them.

I will post a pic here which  shows my experience level and the PROOF of how I did and STILL DO to  this day, LOVE DJI Products, I admit, They are AMAZING products and I am  actually leaving In 2 mins to go have some fun with my DJI drone, It's a  DAMN RIGHT SHAME that their customer service In Netherlands Is so  ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFULL!

At the End and  begining of every post, and Youtube video, I will leave my CAS number  and will continue to make 100% evidence backed up truth video, review  and forum post and if THEY do not email me and refund AT LEAST my  £39.00, all they will do Is turn me Into a Master at content creation  etc, which, trust me, I suck at the moment, until I get a refund.

DJI Care Express
DJI Mini 3

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DJI Susan

Hi there, we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please allow us to explain your Case again.

1. Please note that DJI Care Refresh is not a free service, after you purchase the DJI Care Refresh for the Mini 3 (£55), there will be an additional replacement fee when you need to use the DJI Care Refresh service, as you can see on the website Please rest assured, the £39 is the replacement fee under the DJI Care Refresh when you use the replacement service.

2. You are using the DJI Care Refresh Express service, so your replacement will be shipped back to you once DJI received your drone, which means the damage assessment, quotation, payment confirmation parts and so on will be skipped. According to your case, the delay was caused by the clearance, and DJI process the replacement immediately when they received the drone, so your case had proceeded under DJI Care Refresh Express process, so we may not be able to arrange a refund for your DJI Care Refresh.

3. In your previous post, you mentioned that you had paid the clearance, which can be refunded to you. Could you please send the clearance payment proof to us via email so we can proceed the next step for you? We reminded you multiple times in your previous post and are eagerly waiting for your reply. ... p;extra=&page=2

Thank you very much for your time.
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