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Naza M-V2 Voltage Errors
795 0 2015-8-31
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First Officer

United Kingdom

I'm flying a F550 Hex with Naza M-V2 controller, along with Datalink Module, Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal and Gopro. With a 5000mAh 30C 3s battery AUW is 2.3kg.
Recently I've been concerned about flight times with such a setup and so I did a few calculations and the figures just didn't track theory versus practice when you consider the capacity of the battery and the average current draw for such a craft.

Today I've been doing a few tests and I've found that the built in voltage sensor of the Naza controller is far from linear in the way it measures the true voltage of the flight battery and at the lower end can be as much as 0.8Volt out under load e.g. a reading at the battery using a calibrated meter of 11Volt under load can read 10.2Volt via the Naza's sensor even though the No load voltage on a fully charged 3s pack (12.6Volt) can be read via the Assistant software correctly.

I have checked all my internal cabling for significant losses and there are none.

I was wondering if other users have experienced similar issues and if DJI themselves have any comments to make?


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