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Waypoint flight mission: to lower than take-off point
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South Africa

Dear Forum
I often use contours to set up a mission to fly and take photos along a contour line. Then the next mission will be 20m higher on the next 20m higher contour, etc. So i will be flying on 20m, 40m, 60m above ground level (my take-off point), but still 20m above land.
Now i need to fly along a down hill slope,
  • so first contour (first flight line) will be 20m higher than take-off;
  • the next line will be 20m lower (on 0m (take-off height)) (and 20m above ground level where it is).
  • the next contour 20m lower, and this then -20m (but still 20m above ground level), but 20m below the take off point. etc etc.  Will the GS Pro missions allow this?

Normally, at end of each mission (flying along contours, but step-wise uphill) I would hover, and then start next mission, so the drone would go 20m vertically up to the new mission level, start flying and no problems.
But now i need to fly lower terrain than take-off point, the drone will lower itself, ....and straight into the ground?  Surely not, but how do i fly from e.g. a hill, to a lower contour, and then the next lower contour, etc. using a ''Waypoint flight mission''?

I hope my text aren't too confusing.
Use props
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