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We need a "stable" Firmware/App Combination
496 2 2015-9-1
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After enjoying my Phantom 3 Advanced the last few months on f/w 1.1.8 I've now succumbed to the dropped video feed issue due to (I believe) my iPad upgrading to DJI GO application (with no option to revert on iOS). Of course the lightbridge may be faulty but it seems unlikely - the Phantom is also refusing to update the firmware.

We need a stable f/w & app combination from DJI that is KNOWN TO WORK! It can't be that hard? I'm imagining the hardware is manufactured to a consistent standard with little variation? DJI need to build on a stable firmware and app and ensure it's working for everyone as a bare minimum.

Then they can build on that and release updates for the braver people to try/beta test. But lets have something stable to work from in the first place. It's very frustrating reading about all the 'extra' features being promised when people still can't even go out and enjoy flying their expensive machines due to ongoing software issues.

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You must be unlucky as personally I think the latest app and 1.3.20 is the best firmware/app combo yet..
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One of the biggest problems is that we have two firmware versions that are not the same for the P3A and the P3P.  Now we put Android and IOS devices in the equation; with many different flavors of each. Then we have problems reported with no mention of what combinations the phantom owners posses. To get to the root of the many incompatibilities we FIRST need accurate reporting of the full hardware and software combinations, until that happens we will never get a "what works".....
Reports of "My phantom does not work with the latest firmware" with no other particulars will never get us a solution as to why.  
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