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RS3 + Follow Focus + Game Controller
486 0 2023-8-27
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United States

I've just bought the RS3 and have some fun rig ideas I'd like to tryout. My main focus of this post is to see if there is anyone that has tried what I want to attempt.

One of my ideas is to film vehicles while using something like the Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System. While in the chase car, I can use a wireless monitoring system to free up the use of the Ronin app. Then connect a game controller via bluetooth and control the pan, tilt, and roll.

My only concern is that I haven't bought the follow focus yet and was looking to see if anyone can tell me if I will be able to use the triggers(or any controls) for zoom/focus control.

If it's not possible, then I might use the Raveneye as a wireless transmitter and use Force Control for my pan,tilt, and roll instead. Then use different system for my zoom/focus control.

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