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DJI RS3 Battery Grip Fall Off
335 1 2023-10-31
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Before this, the user experience of rs3 can be said to be very good. Unfortunately, while shooting outdoors today, the gimbal and battery grip of the rs3 suddenly separated.

On the way to the shooting location, my hand was tightly holding the battery grip of rs3, and I did not press the safety lever or button. Just like that, while I was walking, the gimbal suddenly fell off and fell to the ground.

The appearance of the rs3 is a little scratched, but it can still be used, but the videos output start to shake slightly. Although later stabilization can solve the problem. But I began to question its stability and durability.

I don’t know how to claim warranty? Because I can't prove that this is a defect of the product.

DJI’s new products are always eye-catching and very innovative. But this series of events forced me to consider other options. As a loyal user since Phantom 4, after experiencing the action 2 overheating incident, the mini 3 pro lens fogging, and now the rs3 battery grip and gimbal fell off, I really can no longer trust your products.

When I claimed the warranty for the mini 3 pro before, I had to pay an additional 40 bucks for shipping. Obviously I was the victim. Then about the gimbal problem of rs3, I think I can only digest this loss by myself.

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Hello, there. We're sorry to hear about the situation and the unpleasant experience with your recent DJI products. Please know that this isn't exactly what we want you to experience. We encourage you to contact us via email at Rest assured we will handle your case accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation. Kindly feel free to reach us anytime.
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