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Pocket 3 Long Cable Question
494 2 2023-11-23
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I'm looking for a Cable solution for my Pocket 3 in a 2 camera studio.
Pocket 3 would be the second camera and I need a cable that would work from 20 ft away from the main desk.

Q1: Options B or C below, or has any solutions for using the Pocket 3 as a 2nd camera 20ft from the main station please lmk  – If either Option B or C won't work then,
Q2: would a powered usb 3.x hub work (with 6' built-in cable) with a 10' Usb 3.2 cable connected to the P3?

Studio setup

I have a two studio setup for coaching sessions - one desktop with DSLR camera/teleprompter and the other, 20' away but in the same room.
I purchased the Pocket Osmo, for three reasons:
• Sports B-Roll
• Travel
• and to use as my 2nd camera in the demo area of my studio
I use EcammLive and Sessions - both of which let me use the P3 with a USB-C gen 1 6ft cable - no lag
Mac Studio Max

I have since found there is no wireless option for the P3 so have been hunting for a USB 3.1 or 3.2 cable - of at least 15 ft in length – something I need for when I must move from my desktop studio location to the demo studio location. The longest usb 3.1 or 3.2 that seems to be listed anywhere, and that will work, comes from UGreen or Anker, however that length is only 10 ft – not long enough. I have a 6' UGreen Usb 3.1 that works fine so suspect the 10 ft one would as well – but it wouldn't be long enough.

Possible options:

A) 15FT USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable 10Gbps Data Transfer,USB-C 4K@60Hz Video Output Cable 100W PD Fast Charging,Grtoeud USB-C Cord for MacBook Pro/Air,iPad Pro,VR Headset,Oculus Quest 2,Monitor - $29 Cdn$ (Did Not Work) (LINK)
I purchased a 15ft cable that claimed it was a USB 3.2 Type C cable but it doesn't work for anything other than powering the P3

B) TRIPP LITE USB C Active Extension Cable USB C to USB C USB 3.1 Gen 1 M/F 5M (U330-05M-C2C), Black, 16 feet - $58 Cdn$ (LINK)
I am considering this one that requires a 5V power supply but some reviews are so-so. It also doesn't recommend a suitable power supply or if it is compatible with portable power supplies - so it's probably a no-go

.... and finally, this one

C) Fiber Optic USB C to USB C Cable 10M/33FT Long Distance Transmission Slim USB 3.1 Cable, AOC 10Gbps Ultra High Speed USB Cable for VR, Xbox 360, TV,Laptop etc - $192 Cdn$ (LINK)
While the cost of this cable is bloated in Canada, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the equipment in play

Use props

Was hoping someone might have had a solution to this question of USB cable length.
In a nutshell: has anyone tried to use a cable of at least 16 ft with their Pocket 3?
Options B & C in the original post are my next choices but... looking for suggestions.
Use props

Guess I'll just mess around by buying even more cables.
Really would have thought someone might have had some experience with long USB cables for the Pockets.
In any case, if I do find one that works, I'll post about it here - you know - just in case someone else might need an answer.
Use props
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