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Straight line Waypoint support to DJI Fly?
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Hello,This is a feature request for DJI. I would like to see straight line waypoints added. This is super useful to plan mapping missions.
I am working on a software to plan survey missions for DJI drones, and that's the only feature that I feel like is missing from the waypoint implementation in DJI Fly.
Well, having distance based photo triggers would also be cool, but that's not as essential as you can create multiple waypoints where you should take photos.

Interestingly enough, in the documentation for the API of the DJI WPML format, there is a parameter called wpml:useStraightLine, but as I can see, it is ignored in DJI Fly, it is only for enterprise series drones.

Please add this feature!
1-24 04:36
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Hello. We always appreciate every valuable suggestion of our valued customers. We will take this as a suggestion of yours and rest assured that this will be forwarded to our designated team for future consideration. Thank you for your valued support.
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I agree with straight path ability. I can create relatively straight paths by placing more waypoints closer together and works well overall but not the same. The option to select either Bézier curves or a curved path which would give completely straight paths with rounded corners would be really nice. I’ve been using Dronelink with my MA2 for 3 years and I always use curved paths, never Bézier curves. This way I get completely straight paths and I can then set any of the corners to whatever radius amount I want to get a smooth turn. In my opinion it works much better then Bézier curse because of the control you get. If DJI can implement this I think the majority would use straight paths. If DJI can’t do both I’d rather have only straight paths which would then give a consistently smooth corner radius for the turns. Even if the radius amount cannot be set on each corner it’s very easy to get the radius for the turns to what radius you want by placing a couple more waypoints down closer together. Then moving the waypoints in or out would make the curve to what you want and you would get smooth consistent turns. Photo captures aren’t affected obviously but I capture video about 95% of the time so it’s very important for getting the turns to be consistently smooth while turning so the video doesn’t have micro adjustments like I’m seeing with the Bézier curves. Sorry this got a bit long but the two different path types make a huge difference. DJI does listen to pilots and other features have been implemented so maybe if it’s possible we will see an update eventually. Patiently waiting and hoping. Thanks for listening.  Enjoy.
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