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Mini 3 pro issue
431 1 3-19 19:50
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Zachari mckay
Flight distance : 249101 ft

Hello all,
I was flying my mini 3 pro this morning at an altitude of 253 meters over a beach, the drone suddenly disconnected from the Dji rc (with no warning e.g laggy connection or the usual "adust antennas" the connection bars at the top of the screen where full meaning I had good connection) the RTH function soon kicked in ,but usually on the way to its home point I would regain connection and could keep flying but this was not the case. It started to land nearly hitting a tree on the way down seeing that the RC was not connected I could not manuver away from the tree and the pause button would not work but it still landed safely about 20cm away from the tree. Once I hade retrieved the drone I sat it down next to the RC and it still would not connect it just showed a black and white screen with the signals at the top written in red. I turned off both the drone and RC and powered them on again they connected fine this time and I could fly it.

(I have flown it at 500m with great connection before)

I would greatly appreciate any advice,help or information about the malfunction
3-19 19:50
Use props
DJI Thor
Flight distance : 13602 ft

Hi there, sorry to hear about the incident. It is recommended to send back for comprehensive check to ensure the long-term usage. You could register through the following link,, to create a case and send back for further processing. If you need assistance while submitting, you could also contact with our support service Thanks.
3-19 22:22
Use props
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