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Avata drifting
163 1 5-24 16:46
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Flight distance : 491699 ft
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United States

Hey everyone... so noticed my avata foday started driftinf on its own.  Was flyjng inside truck bay at the firestation. So there plenty of room and light.  First it kinda drifted lightly so i just counter it and trie flying... but then it just got worse to where i coildnt conteol it.. if i triwd hovering it just starts moving in a direction... any thoughts?
5-24 16:46
Use props
DJI Tony


Hi there. Sorry about the trouble. Please try the steps below and see if it would help. Feel free to skip the steps already done.
1. Ensure that the aircraft mode is normal, i.e., the GPS signal is strong and the aircraft is in non-ATTI mode.
2. Check whether the device drift or unsteady hovering is within the hovering accuracy range, shown in the DJI Avata Specifications on the DJI official website.
You can also post a video for us to check further.
3. Try flying to a different location and check if the issue will persist
4. Check the propellers and the state of the motors. Check whether any motor rotates abnormally when the propellers are not mounted.
5. Make sure that there is no magnetic interference.
6. Check whether the control stick is being pushed. If the stick movement is offset, the remote controller should be calibrated.
Please keep us posted if the issue persists. We appreciate your patience. Have a nice day.
5-25 01:21
Use props
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