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DJI GO Fimmaking Contest
771 1 2015-9-16
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Please DJI forward this to DJI GO Fimmaking Contest staff at
As we enter the event i have notice that there is possible abuse -exploit of the system - the first top 10 users in contest cheats!!


Easy -   Well i have noticed that first top ten users (from china) have +200 votes and then we regular users have 10-20 likes.. it was like that first few days than chinese users sky rocket with likes!!!     AND how they cheat?? Well if you check who like their videos its users with 0 followers and with random 1264578328 names, i have log out from skypixel and i have login with new fresh fb account to skypixel, and it gave me random name 12974953785 and i could like my video and others as well. So the way to cheat is to make hundreds of new accounts (in china from cyber caffes with variuos IPs) and vote for your own videos. That is how the first 10 users gets all  the votes, not a single skypixel user did vote for them!!! Please DJI check this because they will ruin the event and the prize is high Inspire 1 and i know they cheat or abuse the system because of the Inspire prize.. Please DJI can you review those likes on the first TOP 30 users and we will see who cheated !!

Thank you

Also you can make new account by entering random  email without any confirmation so there is an option that you can make hundreds of mails in 1 hour.

This event is not fair and its is full of cheaters

Use props

United States

You obvi didnt read the contest rules.... The major prizes are for winners judged by professionals, not by number of likes. those only go to whats called the " populart star" winners. they get like props and tablet hoods. chill out bro.
Use props
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